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Penhall Technologies provides utility locating, employing both electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) for privately owned property. We can identify and locate subsurface hazards and obstructions existing in the ground. Reduce the risk and help ensure the safety of your next project by contacting Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating needs.

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Detect irrigation lines before digging a trench

Before trenching, use GPR to locate subsurface sprinkler linesBefore digging a trench 110′ feet long by 3′ wide to install new drainage pipes, Penhall Technologies used GPR to detect and mark irrigation and sprinkler lines. All underground hazards were identified, marked, and communicated to the customer.

Locate underground water storage tanks using ground penetrating radar

Locating large water storage tanks with GPRIn Beverly Hills, CA, an analyst used GPR to locate (2) large water storage tanks. The tanks were located and marked using spray paint. The analysts also completed a written field report  documenting the underground utilities’ location.

Identify live utilities at an airport before undergoing a terminal expansion

locating gas lines and telecommunications linesAt a Burbank, CA airport, prior to a terminal expansion, GPR was used to identify whether or not live utilities, including gas and telecommunication lines, were located under a concrete slab.

Locate conduit and cables before installing solar panels

Locate conduits and cables before installing solar panelsA California state university needed to install solar panels on a parking structure to generate electricity for the campus. Penhall Technologies identified, marked, and discussed what utilities they had discovered and left the campus with written reports for their records.

Determine size and location of a buried abandoned swimming pool

determining if there is a pool undergroundIn Thousand Oaks,  CA, a newly purchased plot of land needed to be surveyed to identify voids that possibly could be the location of an old dirt-filled pool. Penhall Technologies analysts arrived on site and completed the 1-acre scan in just under a day, successfully locating the location and size of abandoned swimming pool.