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Penhall Technologies provides utility locating, employing both electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) for privately owned property. We can identify and locate subsurface hazards and obstructions existing in the ground. Reduce the risk and help ensure the safety of your next project by contacting Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating needs.

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Penhall locates power and gas lines for a homeowner in Tyron, NC

locate utilities on residential property north carolinaRecently, a residential home owner hired Penhall Technologies to locate several power lines and a propane gas line surrounding an old garage and home that will soon be demolished and rebuilt. The home owner wanted to know the location of all of the utilities in the area prior to excavation of the grounds surrounding the garage and home. Penhall scanned three areas around the home and garage which ultimately totaled to nearly a half-acre of land. Penhall utilized the RD 7100DL to accurately locate all lines in question around the home. Penhall Technologies in South Carolina has the knowledge, capability, and the man power to meet your needs in a timely manner, ultimately ensuring your projects get finished safely and on time.

Penhall uses GPR to locate a series of underground tunnels for a large energy company

locate underground tunnels using GPRPenhall was recently hired to perform work for a large energy provider before the demolition of one of their power plants. This job was different than most in that the focus was not entirely on utility locating or concrete scanning; the primary goal of this project was to locate a series of underground tunnels that ran underneath the basement of the facility. During the process of the building’s demolition, the client will require access to these tunnels by having Penhall Company core drill from above. The image below illustrates the boundary of one tunnel within the pink lines, as well as a live conduit that runs perpendicular. Whatever your GPR needs may be, Penhall has the technology and trained analysts to meet your needs.

Penhall Technologies uses multiple techniques and methods to provide utility locator service

utility locating in Winston-Salem NCPenhall Technologies was asked to perform utility locator service on a construction area. The customer needed to locate the path of the power line before they did any more construction to avoid building on top of it. The GSSI SIR 4000 with a 400 MHz antenna was used to detect the line over the asphalt. After the initial find in the asphalt the line ran into the construction area which was all mud. Moisture content and wet ground prevented the GPR technology from being used any further as it could not be push through the mud nor collect data in it due to its moisture content. Therefore Electromagnetic detection was used with the RD7100 unit to detect the power line and enabled the analyst to compete the utility locator service process. The line continued to connect to power boxes and proceed underground to the next box. The line was traced out for approximately 1,800 linear feet ending at the last power box. (See below for pictures) Penhall Technologies not only uses GPR technology to identify and locate utilities, we also use electromagnetic detection too. Executing multiple techniques and methods allows Penhall to get the job done, no matter the roadblocks we may face.

Radio detection (RD) technology used to identify utilities below concrete slab

Scan concrete slab in retail store to identify utilities below slabA fire and water restoration company hired Penhall Technologies to scan the floor of a retail store in Shelby, NC.  Our analyst used RD technology to scan the floors to locate and mark any electrical conduits before the customer began cutting the slab. The utility locator service was guaranteed to be fast, reliable and accurate.

Ground penetrating radar used to locate private utilities on residential property

locate utilities for private residential propertyA general contractor for residential properties called Penhall requesting we perform a utility survey at a private residence. We used ground penetrating radar to locate and mark all utilities in a backyard that was about 100′ x 45′ feet to prepare the contractor to proceed with his work safely and on time.

Find and mark underground utilities on private property before trenching

Locate private underground utilities in courtyard

Penhall Technologies was hired by a recovery foundation to scan a courtyard for private underground utilities. The customer wanted to locate sewer, water and drainage pipes for the installation of a new playground for children living at the facility. Penhall Technologies scanned a 2,300 square foot area using the SIR-4000 with a 400MHz antenna and a radio detection device (RD 7100) to pick up any live power or communication lines. Penhall Technologies was able to locate utilities that were unknown in the area, which would have been damaged during installation.

Locate multiple grounding wires surrounding a cellular tower before installation of new sewer lines

Locate grounding wires around cellular tower before diggingPenhall Technologies was hired to locate multiple grounding wires surrounding a cellular tower before a new sewer line was installed in Shelby. We located the grounding wires by using the radio detection unit (RD7100) and inducing a signal on all wires to locate the grounding loop as well as the radial wires. It was originally thought that there were only 2 radial wires in the path of the sewer line. Penhall Technologies located 4 radial wires in the path and that the grounding loop was too close to the existing sewer line.

Determine where utilities lie within concrete slab using GPR and Radio Detection

locate utilities in CharlottePenhall Technologies was hired to perform GPR concrete scanning in a medical office building before a trench could be cut to locate utilities in and under the concrete. The contractor wanted to avoid hitting the main power to office buildings. We scanned 250 feet of trench using the GSSI HR Mini to confirm no conduit was located in the concrete. We then used a radio detection unit (RD7100) to locate live power under the concrete slab. Penhall Technologies was able to successfully locate the main power in the building.

Utility Locating in preparation for excavation and pouring of new foundations to support scales and shipping trucks

locate utilities before excavating concreteRecently, an electric motor manufacturing company hired Penhall Technologies to scan the lawn surrounding their facility for underground utilities in preparation for excavating the areas to pour foundations to support the installation of scales and shipping trucks. We scanned two areas around the manufacturing facility which ultimately totaled to nearly two acres of land. We used the Sir 4000 with a 400 MHz antenna to scan the areas and followed up by performing sweeps with our radio detection device (RD 7100), which will pick up any live power or communication lines. Penhall Technologies was able to exceed the expectations of the client by not only locating the utilities, but marking them out on the surface in real time using flagging. The project was completed in a safe and non-destructive manner.

Penhall Technologies of the Charlotte, NC area has the capability and the man power to meet your needs in a timely manner, ultimately ensuring your projects get finished safely and on time.