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Penhall Technologies provides utility locating, employing both electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) for privately owned property. We can identify and locate subsurface hazards and obstructions existing in the ground. Reduce the risk and help ensure the safety of your next project by contacting Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating needs.

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Dallas based analyst determines the size of a void using GPR, saving a homeowner’s time and money

void detection using GPR Recently, a private homeowner hired Penhall Technologies to scan his driveway to map out the extents of a void he’d discovered. The homeowner needed to have as much information as possible in order to decide how best to solve this issue. Our Dallas based analyst was able to use a GSSI Mini XT to quickly establish and mark the extents of the void, and identify the leaking pipe that was causing it. This kept the homeowner from having to remove more of the driveway slab than was absolutely necessary, thus saving time and money. The project goes to show that no job is too big, or too small for Penhall Technologies to complete. Penhall Technologies of the DFW area has the capability and the man power to meet your needs in a timely manner, ultimately ensuring your projects get finished safely and on time.

Detect voids and water pipes to determine if the integrity of the foundation of a building is compromised

locate utilities with building For a Dallas customer, our GPR analyst scanned a foundation of a building for voids and water pipes. The customer suspected that there may be a leak that was compromising the integrity of the building. We scanned approximately 13,000 square feet to help the contractor and plumber determine where the leak was by detecting the void around the pipe.

Locate and mark subsurface utilities for military base in Texas

Locate and mark subsurface utilities for military base in TexasAn electrical company hired Penhall to perform utility locating for a military airbase in Fort Worth, TX.  Our GPR Analyst was to locate and mark all underground utilities to prepare for the installation of new duct banks.

Ensure safety when undergoing renovations by locating all existing utilities

locate utilities in hotel parking lotA renovation services contractor hired Penhall Technologies to locate and mark utilities in the parking lot of a local hotel in downtown Dallas.  We scanned approximately 2,000 square feet to ensure that it was in fact safe to perform any renovations to the hotel.

Identify utility lines before undergoing tree removal

Find utilities before removing trees on private propertyA homeowner in Breckenridge, TX needed to find all utilities from the meter on the street to the front of their home.  We scanned approximately a 100 x 20 foot area to ensure it was safe for the homeowner to follow through with his plans to remove a couple trees from his yard.