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  • GSSI StructureScan Optical certification
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Locate underground utilities before digging to install telecommunications lines

Locate underground utilities before digging to install telecommunications linesPenhall Technologies was asked to locate underground utilities prior digging to install new fiber optic lines. The project was located at a private executive airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During the survey, an existing fiber optic line that was identified and documented. A 400MHz ground penetrating radar unit was used to locate and verify the utilities. In addition to the GPR antenna, a utility wand was used to check the area for live power and other radio frequency lines. During the inspection, Penhall Technologies was able to locate 3 unknown airport lighting lines. By using GPR technology, the customer saved hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Penhall helps a homeowner locate a private electrical line and junction box before repairing

utility locate for private electrical linesA homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida contacted Penhall Technologies to locate a private electrical line prior to repair. The homeowner could not locate the buried electrical line and became frustrated. Penhall Technologies was able to mobilize to the residence and locate the electrical line easily. Ground penetrating radar was used to scan the area and locate the line. A utility wand capable of locating buried utilities assisted in verifying the exact location of the line. After locating the line, the customer requested that a buried junction box be located. Penhall Technologies was able to locate the box for repair using GPR. Please call Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating.

GPR and RadioDetection used to identify conduit and utilities underneath slab

concrete scanning to find conduit and utilities under slabPenhall Technologies in Fort Lauderdale was contacted to scan 4 trenches for shallow conduits and utilities prior to saw cutting. The contractor had noted electrical conduits along with drain lines running just under the concrete slab. Penhall Technologies was able to scan each trench line and mark out on the conduits and utilities with spray paint. A utility wand capable of locating live electric and low voltage lines was included in the service. By scanning the concrete prior to saw cutting, the contractor could safely cut the slab without the risk of damage. GPR uses no radiation making it safe for use in high traffic areas such as malls, hospitals and universities.

Before installing a new fence, locate all utilities for safe digging

locate utilities before digging and installing fenceA paving company contacted Penhall Technologies prior to installing new fencing. The customer needed to dig to a depth of 3 feet to install each fence post. The analyst was able to scan along the fence line to locate any unknown private utilities. A ground penetrating radar unit was used to locate the underground utilities. GPR sends electromagnetic pulses into the ground and the findings are displayed on a computer screen for analysis. A radio detection utility wand located live power and site lighting close to the fence line. The real time findings were marked on the surface with spray paint.