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  • 5 years experience in the GPR and Utility Locating field
  • 12 hour Level 1 Post Tension Training from Post Tensioning Institute (PTI)
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certified
  • GSSI StructureScan Optical certification
  • GSSI Profiler certification

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Radio Detection and GPR used to locate electrical lines, grade beams, and footers

miami-sul-1Penhall Technologies Miami branch completed a utility locating project in Miami Beach, FL. The customer was renovating an existing restaurant and needed to locate live electrical lines under the concrete slab. An RD7100 utility locating wand and transmitter were used to locate the electrical lines throughout the building. The lines were marked in spray paint which allowed the customer to saw cut the concrete without damaging the lines. Penhall Technologies also used ground penetrating radar to scan for grade beams and footers.

Identify all utilities before installing new electrical lines for a generator

Identify where all utilities are before installing new electrical linesPenhall Technologies Miami office was contacted to locate utilities in a parking lot in Miami, FL. The contractor was installing a new electrical line for a generator. A previous project had damaged a gas line in the area so the contractor was concerned about damaging utilities. Penhall Technologies used a 400MHz ground penetrating radar antenna along with a RD7100 utility locating wand to scan the areas as directed by the site contact. The findings were marked on the surface with spray paint which allowed the contractor to dig safely. GPR partnered with a utility wand is the preferred method to locate private utilities. GPR can scan to a depth of 3’-8’ depending on the soil conditions. The utility wand can locate live power along with other types of radio frequency signals.

Locate utilities especially when there are no plans in place before digging to install new drainage

private utility locating in miami floridaA contractor called Penhall Technologies to scan for private utilities at a Marina in Key Biscayne, Florida. The contractor was installing new drainage along with construction fencing and did not have any plans showing were utilities were located. The analyst was able to mobilize and scan the areas as needed using ground penetrating radar and a utility locating wand and transmitter. The areas were scanned in a grid pattern to ensure complete coverage to locate any unknown utilities. The GPR antenna can locate utilities to a depth of 8’. The utility wand can locate live power and can be used to send a tone through exposed utilities. All findings are marked on the surface with spray paint and flagged. GPR can also be used to locate underground storage tankes and sub-surface voids.