Utility & Pipe Locating using GPR in New Orleans, LA

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Penhall Technologies Scanning Analyst Kelly


  • 30 years technology experience
  • 20 years teaching Instructional / Educational Technology courses
  • 25 years as a Professional Educator
  • 14 years teaching Remote Sensing Technologies
  • 7 years experience with Phillips Petroleum Company
  • 4 years as a Roustabout and 3 years as an Industrial Mechanic – hold a AAA Industrial Mechanics License
  • 3 years construction experience
  • OSHA 30 certified

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GPR scanning used to locate utilities under an asphalt parking lot

Find and mark utilities under asphalt For a location in New Orleans, an engineering company hired Penhall Technologies to perform GPR scanning to locate utilities buried under an asphalt parking lot. The area to be scanned was 40′ x 60′ at a 10′ depth.  Our analyst successfully located and marked all utilities for the engineering company to move forward with their project.

Radio detection (RD) Technology used to perform utility survey

locate utilities using radio detectionPenhall performed a utility survey to locate utilities and bolts within concrete for a chemical plant in Baton Rouge, LA.  Our analyst used RD technology to locate and mark the utilities and determine where the bolts were.