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Identify sewer lines to determine if it is the cause of asphalt sinking in a commercial parking lot

Locate sewer lines in parking lotA business owner in Portland called Penhall to help locate sewer lines that were believed to be causing the asphalt to sink in an area in their parking lot. The customer asked that we trace the sewer line from the building to the street so they could investigate further.

Locate to avoid hitting propane tank before installing a fence

Locate underground propane tank before fence installationA homeowner in Hillsboro, OR requested we find a propane tank buried in their yard before beginning a fence installation. We were able to scan the property to locate the tank and the customer was able to safely install the fence without any costly damage or personal injury.

Before installing new water lines, locate and mark existing utilities to ensure safety

locating utilities in commercial parking lotAt another location in Portland, a utility construction company hired Penhall Technologies to survey a parking lot and mark any existing utilities before installing new water lines.  Our analyst used GPR to locate all existing utilities which helped determine where to dig to lay the new lines.

Ensure safety when building a home by locating all existing utilities before construction

Locate buried water linesA customer in Molalla, OR called Penhall to  locate subsurface water lines on his property.  He had recently purchased the vacant lot to build a custom home.  We were able to locate and mark all existing water lines, which allowed the customer to start the construction to build his house safely and efficiently.