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Penhall Technologies provides utility locating, employing both electromagnetic induction (EMI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) for privately owned property. We can identify and locate subsurface hazards and obstructions existing in the ground. Reduce the risk and help ensure the safety of your next project by contacting Penhall Technologies for your private utility locating needs.

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Penhall locates utilities in an 8 mile path for Camp Pendleton

locate private utilities in San Diego CARecently, a general contractor in the San Diego area hired Penhall Technologies to locate all utilities in the dig parameters of an 8 mile path on the grounds of a Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton. The general contractor is installing a communications duct bank. The general contractor wanted to know the location of all of the utilities in the area prior to setting manholes, and the trenching for the communication lines. Penhall came in after a previous locating company had been called out. The general contractor had an uneasy feeling about their locates so they called Penhall. So far, 2 months into the job, Penhall has been able to locate a total of 16 lines, unmarked by the previous company, preventing catastrophic damage to high profile utilities and saving valuable time. The general contractor is so pleased with Penhall’s performance that we will be called upon until the completion of the project which could last into the month of June 2017. We used the SIR 4000 with a 400Mz antenna and the Electromagnetic Detection RD8000unit to direct connect onto all the utilities in direct conflict with the clients dig parameters. Penhall Technologies was able to exceed the expectations of the client by not only locating the utilities, by marking them out on the surface in real time using spray paint. The project was completed in a safe and non-destructive manner. Penhall Technologies of the San Diego, Ca area has the capability and the man power to meet your needs in a timely manner, ultimately ensuring your projects get finished safely and on time.

In preparation for a new waste bin installation, ensure that all utilities are located to avoid any hits

Locate buried utilities in 5 locations for a hotelAt a downtown San Diego hotel, Penhall Technologies performed utility locating on (5) 15’x20′ areas in preparation for new waste bin installations. We completed the survey and provided the customer with a written field report.

Locate private utility lines to ensure safety when undergoing tree removal

locating private utilities before removal of treesPenhall Technologies performed private utility locating on approximately 40 square feet at a private Carlsbad residence. Gas lines were located and marked prior to the removal of two trees.

Identify utilities in a large parking lot prior to installing overhead lighting

Locating utilties in parking lot At a veterans Hospital in La Jolla, Penhall Technologies performed utility locating on (150) locations at an outdoor parking area prior to core drilling holes to support overhead lighting. Penhall Technologies used a two-man team to execute the project.

Ground penetrating radar used to locate utilities and coduit before core drilling

locate utilities and conduit within concrete groundIn (6)  24′ x 24′ areas a customer planned to drill (30) holes through concrete. In order to execute the project safely and avoid costly damages, Penhall Technologies conducted a utility survey and marked all conduits in and below the slab.

Conducting a land survey to locate any buried utilities that may have been installed by previous owners

Survey land to identify all buried hazardsA homeowner called Penhall Technologies to have their four acres of land surveyed to locate utilities that were installed by previous owners. The survey was completed in (4) days and all underground utilities were marked and a written field report also summarized the findings for the customer.

Avoid hitting electrical, gas, or communication lines when undergoing a relocation of light posts

Use GPR to locate hazards in the ground to safely digA university campus recreation center planned to install more cost-efficient lighting on both the tennis courts and pool deck. In preparation for the relocation of the light posts, underground utility locating was performed to safely avoid any electrical, gas, or communication lines. All found lines were marked and communicated with the customer.