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Ground penetrating radar used to locate buried plumbing lines before remodeling

GPR use to scan floor to locate utilities and conduitPenhall was asked to perform GPR scanning to locate buried plumbing lines on the first floor of a large theater complex in Silver Springs, MD before remodeling could begin. We were able to locate the pipes to help the customer avoid damaging them during construction.

Locate all underground utilities before undergoing tree removal

locate underground utilties before undergoing tree removalA homeowner in Port Deposit, MD needed to find water and power lines in one acre of land before they could remove some trees. All detected subsurface utilities were marked to avoid damage during excavation of the trees.

Survey ground to help identify where a potential leak might be

gpr scanning to locate private utilities A homeowner in Washington, D.C. called Penhall Technologies because he suspected a potential water leak but he did not know where it was. We surveyed the suspected areas and helped identify where the potential leak existed so the plumber could focus the repair efforts accordingly.

Identify vital utility lines before remodeling to ensure safety during construction

locate utilities before undergoing remodeling to commercial propertyA customer in Bethesda, MD called us to locate and mark their utility lines for them before they decided to do any type of remodeling to the commercial property they just purchased.  Our experts used GPR, ground penetrating radar, to locate all lines (water, gas, and power), and they are now well on their way to remodeling their office in a safe, and timely manner.