Penhall Celebrates 60 Years of Concrete Excellence

February 2017, Anaheim, CA – Penhall Company is proud to celebrate its 60th year in concrete services.  As the nation’s largest provider of concrete cutting, breaking, excavation, highway grinding and grooving, concrete scanning, utility locating , and seismic services, Penhall is a true success story that started with a single person and a single diamond saw.

Penhall Company began operations in 1957, when Leroy Penhall realized an opportunity during Anaheim, CA’s “Orange Grove Development Boom” of the late 1950’s.  He bought his first concrete saw: the gas powered diamond saw, which allowed Penhall to introduce rigorous concrete work with precision and speed

Penhall Analyst performed concrete cutting, concrete grinding service

After several years of concrete cutting, drilling, breaking and removal, Penhall expanded into contractor and infrastructure services for highway renovation and modification work and structural demolition of any size and scope.  From the 2000’s to today, the company continues its growth by adding Penhall Technologies, a division focused on concrete scanning and private utility locating services throughout the United States from the west coast, east coast and Hawaii.  Additionally, the company has assembled a division solely dedicated to Seismic Retrofit Services with a full service engineering team.
Concrete Cutting service by Penhall Concrete Cutting service by Penhall Concrete Cutting service by Penhall





Today, Penhall Company has built a great reputation in the industry and focuses on providing value to its customers by offering diverse services, innovative technology and equipment, and highly trained employees.  The company has earned many awards through the years, most recently earning the #2 ranking in US demolition firms according to Engineering News-Record. Penhall Company in also ranked in the top 100 specialty contractors.

According to Jeff Long, President and CEO, Penhall’s reputation was “built on, and continues to exist on, a continuous and collective commitment and performance toward the basic principles that made the company great.”  These principles include exceptional service solutions, using the industry’s leading production equipment, and above all, employee safety.

“I am fortunate to be at the helm of a dynamic and growing company with a likeminded leadership team and company-wide employee support.  Our company culture is instilled when our people come aboard, practiced every day at work and encouraged at home, and strengthened through lessons learned into best practices. Our customers recognize and rely on, value and trust in, the Penhall Red and Gray” says Long.

Today, with 41 branches across the United States and Canada, over 14,000 customers served by a staff of over 1,300 professionals, Penhall continues its growth in leading the nation with their full spectrum of diversified services.

Joe Morello, Vice President of Corporate Development, proudly adds “Through the efforts of all leaders and employees, past and present, Penhall Company has built a world-class reputation as a leader in the concrete services industry for projects large and small. We maintain a deep commitment to safety and innovation and we continually strive to increase our value to our customers. I am honored and proud to be a part of this great organization as we celebrate 60 years.”

Penhall Company continues the legacy of Leroy Penhall in its commitment to providing the highest level of service to customers and completing every job safely, professionally, and with exceptional quality. Here is to another 60 years!

Concrete Cutting service by Penhall

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One comment on “Penhall Celebrates 60 Years of Concrete Excellence
  1. Don Briggs says:

    Congratulations, Truly a contractor’s best friend when it comes time to demo. I was able to utilize Penhall for many complicated school retrofit jobs in San Francisco. there the only ones with the knowledge and tools to do the job correctly.

    Thanks for all you service.