We cut concrete, not corners.

At Penhall, safety isn’t just a practice – it’s our culture. Ensuring the safety of our team and industry partners is a deeply ingrained Penhall priority. Through comprehensive and consistent training, mentorship, and a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program, Penhall has maintained one of the best safety records in the industry.

Behavior Based Safety Program

Over the years, Penhall’s BBS program has prevented injuries and increased safety awareness. Using various methods, employees and supervisors are taught how to talk with each other about safety, recognize safe and unsafe conditions and behaviors, and correct unsafe actions.

Penhall values safety

“In observing Penhall, it was immediately obvious that they had the skills and capabilities necessary to perform the work we needed. It was also obvious that the Penhall crew and their on-site management were extremely focused on safety. They repeatedly demonstrated effective planning and communication with their personnel, as well as with other work groups on the Project, including Kiewit. Their repetitive reinforcement of “Safety First” started with their first meeting in the morning and continued throughout the work day. They not only talked about safety, they demonstrated it in all their activities. I was very impressed by their communications, their conduct of work, work activity preparations, peer checking, and their willingness to utilize a questioning attitude. The Penhall team truly “Talked the Talk and Walked the Walk” for safety with their people. Using a term from my military days, BRAVO ZULU to Penhall, job well done!” – A. Arnold, Kiewit Power Nuclear, CA & AZ