Highway, Runway, & Bridge Services

We go the extra mile for the sake of safety.

Highway slab removalPenhall offers a variety of highway services to help improve the safety and rideability of our nation’s roadways.

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips are among the most cost-effective road safety features available and Penhall is proud to have the knowledge and capabilities to expertly install them. Rumble strips are the grooved patterns on the shoulders of roadways that provide an audible warning (rumble sound) and physical vibration to alert drivers that they have strayed off the travel lane. Rumble strips also assist drivers in determining lane limits when inclement weather conditions reduce driver visibility.

The Penhall team employs state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and efficiently cut the shoulder, center-line, and transverse rumble strips into concrete or asphalt. Our machines also use water to control dust, a powerful blower to disperse ground-up concrete or asphalt into grass, and a special cutter head configuration that can be modified to meet specified strip widths.

Concrete Grinding/Grooving

Penhall Grinder in TexasPenhall’s concrete grinding and grooving services offer an efficient, and affordable way to restore ride quality while reducing hydroplaning and roadway accidents. Our highway grinding services meet all federally mandated standards and leave behind a roadway that is smoother, quieter, and safer for all drivers.

Corrective Grinding

Penhall’s corrective grinding services reliably correct pavement that has been found to be out-of-spec or that experienced a failed ride test. We also provide hourly grinding and grooving services to retexture specific areas.

For clients that need surface testing or re-testing, Penhall owns and operates profile testing equipment that uses the latest in pavement surface testing laser technology. After the testing-for-ride is performed, our highly-trained and experienced team can also help clients evaluate the results.

Other Penhall highway services include:


  • Pavement & Approach Slab
  • Dowel Bar Retrofit
  • Bump Grinding – new pavements
  • Unsound Concrete Repair
  • Crack Routing & Sealing
  • Saw & Seal
  • Stitching