5th Street Bridge

Location: Yuba City/Marysville, CA
Service: Wire Saw and Flat Saw
Scale: Wire Saw, 33 diaphragms cuts and 24 girder cuts. Flat Saw, 90 sections of deck.
Completion: March, 2020


The 5th street bridge, located in Marysville, CA, was built in the 1950s and was utilized, along with the Hwy 20 bridge, to allow transportation between the neighboring city of Yuba City. With traffic increasing in both cities there was a need to expand the 5th street bridge. Given the age of the bridge it was deemed best to demolish the original and build new. It spans approximately 2000 ft, and 300 ft of that is directly over the Feather River.

In this case, the general contractor needed a way to cut and remove the portion that was located over the River; this is where we were able to come in and utilize our wire saw capabilities. We began on one side of the bridge, cutting all of the diaphragms and girders, and moved our way through the rest of the bridge. We finished the wire saw scope in one span and started the flat saw cutting to remove the concrete. This was accomplished by cutting the 8” thick concrete deck into sections, then strapping each section with a bracket to be individually removed by a crane..

We were able to complete this entire scope of work within 4 weeks while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. The general contractor felt we not only worked safely but were successful in the overall completion of the project.

Proud to be a trusted company in the industry that our customers can count on to perform this type of intricate concrete cutting. Our crew did an awesome job!

– Brandon Rowland