AZP Fire Restoration Project

Location: Mooresboro, NC
Service: Scanning, Core drilling, Sawcutting and Chipping
Scale: 5,848 CF of concrete removed and prepped for replacement
Completion: October 2019


A newly renovated cell house at a zinc recycling plant caught fire after a loose belt sparked a tank of magnesium, causing a fire that burned for more than 12 hours.  The intense heat severely damaged the structural columns and beams as well as the 72 T-Cells which housed the electrolyte for the recycling process.  Chipping had to be done very delicately in order to avoid damaging the sensitive components of the cell house.  A strict schedule had to be met to ensure the many contractors involved were able to complete their work on time. Penhall completed our part 2 months ahead of schedule with no damage to cell house and no safety incidents.

  • Penhall assembled and managed a team of more than 60 personnel over a 4 month schedule to remove the damaged concrete and prep all areas for placement of new concrete
  • 5,848 CF of damaged concrete was removed from multiple surfaces throughout the cell house using 15 lb electric hammers so as not the damage the sensitive structural aspects of the project.

“This project was a true team effort, coordination between at times six different contractors was key to completing our part with great quality and ahead of schedule.”

Penhall Project Manager, David Wells

Red and Gray truly shined, and I couldn’t be prouder of our work onsite.

“Penhall’s team involved with this project met and exceeded the accelerated schedule that was required for the customer. ” – W. Tyler Brownlee, Penhall Accounts Manager