Georgia Power Plant Bowen Trestle Replacement

Location: Bartow County, GA
Service: Core Drilling
Completion: April 2021


The project required the contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, to remove and replace a railroad trestle during a scheduled outage at Georgia Power Plant Bowen, one of the largest coalfired power plants in North America. The trains that run on the trestle deliver coal to fuel the plant. The drilling was performed from articulating, telescoping aerial lifts at approximately 40 ft. above the ground. Each core drill operator was trained on the specific make and model of lift prior to commencement of the work. Penhall provided six core drill operators and a superintendent per each 12 hour shift. It was critical that we drill a minimum quantity of holes per night shift to enable
steel girder placement by crane the next day, and Penhall met the customer’s schedule. The project’s success is largely due to thoughtful project pre-planning by Branch 411 Manager Ben McMahan, collaboration by several East Region branches to provide manpower, and exceptional communication between Penhall Superintendent Tree Piercy, the core drilling crew and Brasfield & Gorrie’s site team.

Core drill (144) 4” diameter holes over existing anchor bolts to a depth of 36” in the top of train trestle bents.