Smith Training

Smith Driver Training

Anyone who drives a Penhall Company vehicle for business use receives Smith training.

Smith System®, the leader in global driving and road safety, developed a customized course for the numerous vehicle types and driving situations that employees are exposed to.

Penhall drivers complete this customized course, learn to identify the best practices of driving behavior, and apply the Smith5Keys®. As a result, our drivers develop consistently safe driving behavior.

The 5 Keys to Space Cushion Driving®

  • Key 1: Aim High In Steering®
  • Key 2: Get The Big Picture®
  • Key 3: Keep Your Eyes Moving®
  • Key 4: Leave Yourself an Out®
  • Key 5: Make sure They See You®

®Registered Trademark of Smith System Driver Improvement, Inc., Arlington, TX 76006 USA