Private Utility Locating Service

Penhall Technologies provides private underground utility locating services nationwide. This is the process of identifying and labeling underground utility lines. We locate utilities on your private property, while 811 locates public utilities from the street to the meter. Utility detection helps you see what subsurface hazards exist in the ground to avoid striking them during construction.

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Why should you employ an underground utility locating service?

Striking an underground utility can result in great costs. Repairing a utility line can be expensive, not to mention that you and your community would lose the utility service itself. Most importantly, striking a subsurface object can cause serious injuries to you or the workers on the site.

According to the Common Ground Alliance, there are more than 20 million miles of buried utilities in the United States. These utilities make up the overwhelming majority of underground hazards one would likely encounter when preparing to do any type of sub-surface penetration such as trenching, digging, or boring.

Utility Damage Economic Impact

The four groups affected by utility damage are facility customers/users, facility owners, emergency responders, and excavators. Customers is the most affected group, with an estimated $338,002,000 in costs per year. This is why a utility locating service is important.

Utility Locating Costs of Damages

We have a blog on utility locating, aimed at answering all of your questions and providing you with useful information about the importance of utility locating.

Why should you choose Penhall for underground utility detection?

As your utility locating company, we are committed to bringing you accurate results and excellent service.

  • Penhall has been servicing more than 14,000 customers for 60 years
  • We place the utmost importance of ensuring safety for your project. In fact, safety is the main pillar of our company culture
  • Our GPR analysts go through extensive training to locate and mark all utilities
  • We carry two types of technologies (GPR and EM) to ensure we don’t miss any underground lines
  • As a part of Penhall Company, we offer complementary services such as coring, drilling, or trenching
  • We offer free job walks to help you determine the needs of your projects

What underground utilities can we locate for you?

  • Water lines: Our water line locator service can find the location of the water pipe and signs indicative of wet soil
  • Gas lines
  • Power Lines
  • Communication Lines
  • Waste piping
  • Cable lines
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Underground pipes

After locating, our analysts mark each line with chalk or flags in their designated color in accordance to the APWA. This is a comprehensive resource that, among other guidelines, put into place a color guideline for all utility locate markings.

Red electrical lines, conduit, and cables
Orange telecommunication lines
Yellow gas, oil, steam, and petroleum
Green sewers and storm drain
Blue drinking water
Purple reclaimed water and irrigation
Pink temporary or unknown survey markings
White proposed survey or excavation area

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The scan done of our existing slab saved both the owner and myself money and headaches. The scanned lines were undocumented power lines for future expansion. If we would have hit those lines it would have been a mess and would have not only cost our project money, but also the project in the future that is planned for those lines. Thank you for what your team did.

Tim Snideman
Snideman Construction

I contacted [Penhall] for 2 floor scans on [a] 5th floor room. [They were] able to come and complete the work needed by [the] afternoon.
We thank Penhall for always being accommodating for our project success.

Jeff Tom, Superintendent
Layton Construction Company, LLC