Top 5 reasons homeowners call in for private utility locating

private utility locating

Are you wondering if you need to use private utility locating services? Here are the most common reasons why our clients hire us for their locating needs.

811 won’t do the locate

811 is a public utility locator. They can locate all utilities from the street to the meter. Any utilities in your private property would need to be located by a private utility locator, such as Penhall Technologies.

They already hit a utility

Oftentimes, our customers will call us because they started excavating without scanning first and hit a utility line. Therefore, they want us to scan the rest of their property to prevent any further damage. Striking a utility line can be costly and can result in injury.

They called someone else and they were unsuccessful

This scenario goes hand in hand with the reason previously mentioned. Sometimes our clients do scan. However, the company they selected didn’t provide accurate markings and the client struck a utility as a result. Our analysts complete extensive utility locating training. They are trained to properly mark your site, provide written reports, and to provide you with the best service.

Home improvements

It is always important to locate all utilities before doing any projects that require digging or excavating. This includes, but is not limited to: landscaping, fencing, pool installation, installing a mailbox, deck installation, among others.

Water leaks

A lot of our clients suspect that they are dealing with a water leak. While we can’t locate the water leak itself, we can help you locate the water line and look for signals of wet soil that may indicate the location of the leak.

If you want to learn more about underground utility locating, read our blogs. If you are ready to schedule our services, please give us a call at (844) 211-5300 or fill out our quote form.