Concrete Cutting Services

Penhall is the largest concrete cutting company in North America. Founded in 1957 we have thousands of satisfied and repeat customers.
Some examples of our work include:

Concrete Cutting

Flat Sawing

  • We cut with a 61 horse-power Husqvarna flat saw 4,000 ft. of existing 12 in. thick asphalt for new water company mainline in LA
  • Saw cut an existing concrete slab for new mezzanine footings in an existing warehouse
  • Flat sawed an existing concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter for placement of new handicap ramps for the city of Downy, CA.
  • Saw cut for new electrical loops for new traffic signals for multiple cities
  • Flat sawed 11 in. concrete on 91 freeway panel replacement

Wall Sawing

  • Wall sawed 8 in. thick concrete walls for new exterior windows
  • Wall sawed existing tilt up panel walls for new loading dock door openings
  • Wall sawed 18in. concrete for new sludge pit walls at Orange County treatment plant
  • Used a wall saw to lower wall of an existing 10 ft. high elevation wall in St. Clemente, CA.
  • Used a wall saw to enlarge existing man door opening to twice the original size

Wire Cutting

  • Wire sawed a 4 by 4 ft. section out of existing 10 by 10 ft. concrete
  • Wire sawed existing 72 in. diameter concrete pipe at sewer treatment plant
  • Used a wire saw to cut off the top of existing caissons for a new footing installation
  • Wall sawed for the demolition of an existing bridge over Californian aqueduct, Bakersfield.
  • Used a wire saw to cut new electrical boxes 15 by 4 ft. at the Port of Los Angeles.

Hand Sawing:

  • A Hand saw was used to cut 5, 4ft. by 4ft. new footing openings in a concrete slab due to the confined space and no access for a flat saw.
  • Wall sawed 24 window openings for a new ride at Disneyland. We used 2 labors and 1 wall saw operator overnight to complete the work on schedule. All slurry was vacuumed and concrete debris hauled off site.
  • We used a gas hand saw with a 16in. diamond blade to score cut the existing bridge deck for a bridge widening project on the 91 freeway
  • Used a gas hand saw with ‘Carborundum’ blade to cut existing rebar extruding from existing footings on the 110 freeway
  • Used an electric saw with 12in. diamond blade to saw cut a trench in a homeowners garage to relocate gas lines

Concrete Coring

  • We core drilled 500 4in. diameter holes 6 in. deep for a new hand rail for Disneyland
  • Hydraulic core drilled 66 in. diameter hole by 3 ft. deep for a new pipe connection at Riverside treatment plant
  • Core drilled 12 4 in. diameter holes by 25 ft. deep into existing concrete caisson on the 5 freeway in LA
  • Electric core drilled 750 x ¾ in. diameter holes by 8 in. deep for new anchors for the installation of new machinery in Santa Ana
  • Hand held core drilled 1 ½ in. diameter by 6 in. deep concrete holes for new retro fit in San Bernardino College

Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Used GPR to locate tension cables in parking structure in Seattle, WA.
  • Use GPR scanning to locate existing rebar on underside of a bridge soffit
  • Located an existing 1 in. water line underneath a concrete slab, prior to demolition of the concrete slab
  • Used a GPR scanner on a concrete wall to locate existing electrical lines that ran inside of the wall prior to wall sawing for a new window
  • Used GPR to locate an existing gas line that ran underneath a concrete slab prior to excavation.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

  • Used an Electric Flat saw to cut a total of 800’ LF of 8” thick concrete trench. This task was completed in 20 hours. The breaking and removal of the concrete was done with an 835 Bobcat and breaker, all debris was loaded out onto a Super 10 Truck with 2 – loads of concrete debris.
  • Wall sawed a concrete wall for a new 3’ x 8’ door opening at a Cal State College. Covered and protected the classrooms after the 2-man wall saw crew finished, then a 2 man comp crew broke and removed the concrete opening. The concrete debris was loaded on to the flatbed truck and dumped at the yard in 10 hours.
  • Used a 57 HP flat saw to saw-cut 5 – 7’ x 7’ x 3’ thick concrete in a mechanical yard at a hospital. We then cored 18” in the center of the square to create a release break. The 10 man crew proceeded to break the remaining concrete with 90 lbs. & 60 lbs. pneumatic hammers with the debris loaded out by hand and into 3 – 10 yard bins. The job was complete in 12 days.
  • We used a bobcat with a breaker to remove a driveway. The driveway was broken up and loaded on to a Super 10 truck.
  • We used a 710 Backhoe with a breaker to break and remove a concrete retaining wall 50’ x 12’ x 1’ thick. The backhoe broke the concrete and a labor torched the exposed rebar for the concrete. The concrete debris was loaded and hauled away with super 10 trucks. The work was complete in 4 days.

Concrete Grinding

  • Used a G38 Grinder and tanker to level out the entire freeway for the 405 job, better known as “Carmageddon”.
  • Used a grinder for the bridge approach and departure slabs for the freeway to avoid bumps in the ramps due to the discrepancy in movement of bridge and road.
  • Used a PC 6000 Grinder at LAX Airport to flatten out the new concrete landing area.
  • Used a PC 6000 Grinder at the Pier D for big fork lifts to smooth the zone for easier transportation of shipping terminals.
  • Used a G38 for corrective grinding on the 395, to correct bumps and high spots for the new highway.

Concrete Grooving

  • Used a G-38 Grinder with a Groover head, (5’) wide to complete Airport Grooving at Travis Air Base. The crews completed over 100,000 sq. yards of grooving with 5 hour shifts in 14 shifts.
  • Grooved 98,000 sq. yards of airport grooving at the Long Beach Airport in Long Beach California completed in 12 days.
  • We grooved a main street in San Francisco, longitudinally (the entire length of new pavement) to achieve sound reduction.
  • Grooved at the Sacramento Airport runways.
  • Transported Grinders and Groovers to Hawaii to service Honolulu Airport. The job was one of the largest ever undertaken was done on time and on budget.

Concrete Demolition

  • Used a stomper to break a 14” concrete slab. The stomper fractured 50,000 sf. of concrete in a parking lot in 2 days.
  • A Backhoe 710 with breaker was used to break 2 – 5’ x 8’ x 2’ thick concrete pads. The job was completed in 6 hours.
  • A 345 excavator with breaker and a 2 man comp crew was used to break a 30’ x 20’ x 2’ retaining wall. As the excavator broke the concrete the compressor torched the exposed rebar
  • We used a bobcat and a 1 man comp crew to break a 5”x 40’concrete sidewalk. The job was completed in 4 hours.
  • Used a 2 man comp crew to break a concrete landing panel at a high school. The crew used 2 90 lbs. hammers to break the concrete.

Highway & Pavement Repair

  • Used a G-38 Grinder on a large concrete structure ( 1000’ X 60’ ) in Fremont Ca. to achieve the Cal Trans Smoothness & Friction Corrective Action per Cal Trans Specification – 40-1.03Q(5), our crews completed this work in four days.
  • Provided IRI compliance requirement on bridge decks and approaches using a G-38 Grinder completing 8 bridges in 4 days in Chester California.
  • Used a G-38 grinder with an off-set head attachment to achieve Recessed Stripping required ¾” deep recesses. We completed over 10,000 LF of 4” and 6”, with continuous and broken stripping recess cuts over an 8 hour day in Truckee California.
  • We used a G-38 Grinder in Portland Oregon to assist a contractor over pave at the lip of a curb over the entire length of the project. With our off-set head set up, we were able to complete the entire subdivision cut at the lip of curb in two days.
  • Used a G-38 grinder/groover we were able to achieve the coefficient of friction of at least 0.30, under California Test 342 and comply with Section 51-1.01 D(4) on a bridge 576’ x 60” in three days. The project was on the HWY 99 in French Camp, Stockton California.


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