The Top 5 Project Risks that Concrete Scanning Can Help Manage

May 12, 2017

risk management for construction project managers


As a project manager, you know that risk management is an important aspect of your job.  When considering the project at hand, your job is to reduce the risks that may come with that particular project, and make sure that in the end- the job is successful and profitable for your company.

When working on a project that involves any amount of concrete cutting or core drilling, concrete scanning can be the key factor to your risk management strategy.

Here are 5 project risks that concrete scanning can help manage:
  • Quality and safety
  • Cost management
  • Time management
  • Scope & change management
  • Information management

If ignored, you may be putting your project at risk for the following:

  • Increased costs
  • Loss or reduction in profit
  • Putting workers’ safety at risk
  • Damage to company reputation


Think about the following scenario, and notice exactly how scanning before cutting or drilling will dramatically reduce the above risks:

You’re on a site where a major remodel is occurring.  This job involves a massive amount of core drilling for new electrical.  The cores are needed through a post tension slab, and you don’t want to risk cutting into the tension cables. Drilling blindly will not only put the job at risk of being delayed (time management), but can put workers’ lives at risk as well (safety risk).  Furthermore, the cost of either fixing the tension cables or having to replace the slab altogether can not only reduce your profits, but at worst put you in the negative (cost management).

If you decide to scan first, all of these risks can be greatly reduced. Additionally, when you scan first you are equipped with the information (information management) you need to successfully manage any necessary changes to keep a project in the positive, and under control (scope & change management).

concrete scanning before core drilling

This scenario is only one of many that can benefit from scanning before cutting or drilling. Anytime concrete cutting or drilling is a part of your project, it’s not only a good idea to have the concrete scanned, but a smart investment for a project manager.

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