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Penhall Technologies can help you locate rebar, pipes, post and pre tension cables, conduits and many other subsurface hazards that may be hidden in concrete. Our expertly trained analysts can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. As a safety leader in the industry, contractors, engineers, and government agencies have come to trust Penhall first for safe and precise scanning services.

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Concrete scanning to eliminate the risk of damaging shallow utilities before trenching

orlando-gpr-1A retail space at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida was under construction and the contractor was concerned about damaging shallow utilities during trenching. Penhall Technologies was able to scan the 7’ x 17’ trench area using ground penetrating radar. The 2600MHz antenna uses electromagnetic pulses to locate anomalies in and below the concrete slab. After completing the GPR service, a radio detection wand was used to check for live electrical and radio frequency lines. A live electrical line was located just outside of the trench and noted on the surface with spray paint.

Ground penetrating radar used to locate rebar and conduits to avoid hazards when cutting

locate rebar and conduit before cutting into concrete slabPenhall Technologies Orlando office used ground penetrating radar to scan a concrete slab in Maitland, Florida. The customer was installling electrical conduits to supply power to 2 smart car kiosks just outside of a parking garage. The analyst specializing in concrete scanning was able to determine that the customer was safe to saw cut without damaging any structural reinforcement or conduits. GPR scanning is a quick and accurate way to keep the project safe and on time. The GPR unit also can locate post tension cables, rebar, wire mesh and pvc pipes in concrete. GPR is a safe alternative to X-Ray, it delivers no radiation with half the setup and processing time.