Core Drilling with Diamond Blades

April 22, 2020

A diamond core drill is a cylindrically shaped drill bit at the end of an electrically powered handle. The tip of the drill is embedded with diamonds so as to grind down the material in a quick, time-and-cost-efficient manner.

Diamond core drilling is the method of using a high-speed power drill to remove a cylindrical block of material from a larger body.

Whether it’s concrete, asphalt, brick, or other masonry materials, diamond core drilling is the most effective way to remove a core. Because core drilling does not detrimentally cause vibration damage to or impact the surrounding structure, it is safe and particularly effective for making electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installation openings.

A variety of drill sizes make it easier to perform a job. There are many types of drills that can be used for core drilling, but there are three types that are most common:

  • Small, lightweight, hand-held drills that can drill up to three inches in diameter. In terms of appearance, these would look very much like large shop drills.
  • Medium-duty drills, which can drill holes ranging from one to eight inches in diameter using a 15 to 18 amp electric motor.
  • Heavy-duty drills, which are far larger with an 18 to 20 amp electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motor and are normally used for thick, heavily reinforced structures and drilling particularly deep cores. Usually, anything larger than a hand drill will require a water-cooling system in order to ensure that the drill does not overheat or get too hot.


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