Located next to CU Denver, Penhall’s local Denver branch is ready to serve you. Our Mile High City division covers the Denver metro and its surrounding cities, including Fort Collins, Boulder, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and more. As the home to both a service branch and our nationwide contracts branch, Penhall’s Denver offices have the resources and experience to assist you with any concrete solutions you may need.

Penhall Services in Denver

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Here at our Denver branch, we have the know-how and equipment to do your job right. On average, our operators have 10 or more years of experience and our wide range of equipment allows us to help you with any size job. Whether it’s breaking and removing your driveway or corrective grinding a highway, we have the ability to provide the solutions you’re looking for. Our main services include concrete cutting and coring, corrective grinding and grooving, and breaking and removal. We also offer reliable, non-destructive ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning that will show every inch of conduit, rebar, post-tension cables, and any other type of material that may be contained within concrete. Whether you’re looking for service in Denver or anywhere else in the state, we have the capabilities and resources to help.

Penhall equipment breaking/demoing Denver Colorado

At Penhall, we’re committed to your success, as well as your safety. We work continuously to maintain the wellbeing of your crew, your jobsite, and our team in order to provide you with the results you need, in the safest way possible. Take a look at our work at the Pawnee Power Plant for instance. A breach in one of the steam stacks required the removal of some of the surrounding cement, which just so happened to be located over 130 feet above ground. We worked closely with the GC and our Regional Safety Manager to find the safest way to remove over 43,000 pounds of concrete. While we encountered challenges due to the height as well as the equipment accessibility for the project, we successfully, and safely, completed the job.Penhall excavator on jobsite in Denver Colorado