Penhall Company Has Expanded — We Now Have Mobile Sales & Service Reps!

December 15, 2020

Penhall Company is excited to announce that we have expanded our technology service operations to three new markets and their surrounding areas: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Orlando, Florida. This is part of our ongoing effort to reach customers and clients throughout the United States and Canada. Clients in these new regions will now get to experience first-hand the advanced technology, expert knowledge, and reliable service that Penhall offers. 

Our Sale and Service representatives are ready to leverage Penhall’s technology services to help you complete your next project.

Penhall technology services include:

Private Utility Locating: We’re experts in private utility locating. We employ the latest locating technologies to quickly find and mark underground pipes, gas lines, cable lines, storage tanks and more. 

Concrete Scanning: Our crews use ground penetrating radar to locate materials embedded in concrete. This includes rebar, post-tension cables, pipes and conduits, and voids. We can locate and identify subsurface features with exacting precision. 

Digital X-ray Scanning: When you need a clear, unobstructed image of features embedded in concrete, turn to our digital X-ray scanning technology. Safe and highly effective, digital X-ray imaging is one of the best means of locating and identifying subsurface features in concrete. 

Scarifying & Shaving: We can shave and scarify concrete surfaces to give you the ideal finish. We can smooth concrete, level concrete, create textured concrete, and more. 

Grinding & Grooving: Penhall Company is North America’s largest provider of concrete grinding and grooving. We can grind and grove virtually any surface, from highways and bridge decks to airplane runways and racetracks. 

Bridge Services: We are experts in bridge widening and removal. Our goal is always the same: to ensure the safety of the millions of drivers in some of the most traffic-heavy regions. 

Penhall Company is here for your next construction project.

When you’re in need of a trusted construction partner, contact Penhall. We’re committed to helping you complete your project the right way—safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Visit our Locations Page to see every service region and to get in touch with a local rep!


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