Scanning Concrete from a Vehicle Mounted Boom Lift

October 20, 2017

scanning concrete on boom lift

Our Santa Clara office performed concrete scanning services for a local overpass project. The bridge needed a new water pipe installed. This pipe had to be installed on the side of the bridge due to seismic regulations. To ensure safety for everyone involved, the client requested Penhall Technologies to scan the concrete beforehand.

The scanning was done from a vehicle mounted boom lift. This type of boom lift is not commonly available, the one used on this project was brought in from Oregon. The vehicle was set on the bridge. With the boom lift on it, our analysts performed the scanning overhead.

concrete scanningThis system worked in a very particular way. The truck had a camera and a microphone that allowed the analysts and the driver to communicate. Depending on the required scan areas, the driver moved the boom lift accordingly. The entire scan job was done using this unique mobile system.

Our Santa Clara analysts scanned 18″ × 24″ areas in two phases. For phase one, they scanned 26 areas. For the following phase, they scanned 20 areas. The concrete scanning itself took a week to complete. Our analysts found rebar in the slab, but no conduits or cables were present.

For Penhall, as well as for our client, safety was the main priority. Our analysts regularly attend safety trainings that involve boom lifts. This particular project was done over water. Our analysts had morning and evenings safety briefings, as well as very thorough walk out inspections. Moreover, the vehicle mounted boom lift was inspected both in the morning and after their regular lunch break. As a result, the analysts completed the scan safely.

After the scanning was completed, Penhall Company performed the core drilling without striking any rebar. This confirms our analysts’ accurate findings and markings done on this project.

Our analysts are expertly trained to handle any construction project, such as this one, and bring you precise results that will keep your project safe.


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