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Seattle Team executes Demolition of I-90 Bridge over Rainier Ave. - Our team is busy completing demolition work on the I-90 Bridge over Rainier Ave. Stay tuned for the full story… In the meantime, check out this short video highlighting our work thus far!      
Four Phone Apps for Construction Safety - At Penhall Technologies, we value new and innovative ways to keep our team safe. We researched the latest apps for construction safety that will help you accomplish that for your team. These are our recommendations. Safety Meeting Safety Meeting App
Ground Penetrating Radar Used To Locate Unmarked Graves - Our South Carolina Analyst started the year with an interesting project, locating unmarked burial sites. A church wanted to know the location of all possible unmarked burials to update the information they have on available space. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Digital Concrete X-ray – Common Misconceptions - You are ready to inspect the concrete for your project using digital concrete x-ray. However, you may have heard or read some information about the service before. This could make you hesitant or not fully confident in this state of
Three Reasons Why You Should Scan First - A lot of underground hazards lie beneath the surface you will be working on. It is essential to scan first to avoid all of the following scenarios we will touch on. Hitting a utility line Hitting a utility line during