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A successful 2nd Annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair for the community - Penhall Company proud to exhibit at the 2nd annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair The bustle of the room grew louder as local property owners from Los Angeles started to arrive at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Fair. The tables
Rating Buildings for Seismic Resiliency - In Santa Monica, many property owners had retrofits completed in 1994 after the Northridge quake. However, many of those retrofits were only partially completed, i.e. parapet only, diaphragm anchorage, full or partial wall bracing, etc. It is at the discretion
Building Resiliency Rating System - When evaluating levels of seismic retrofitting, it is at the discretion of the owner to what level of resiliency they desire for their building. At minimum, the seismic retrofit ordinances aim to make buildings safe enough for tenants to exit
USRC Building Rating System - The San Francisco Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) estimated back in 2013 that “43 to 85 percent of the most vulnerable multi-unit, wood-frame buildings would be posted with a red UNSAFE placard (“red tagged”) following a magnitude 7.2
Retrofitting Building Rating System - At Monday’s City Council discussion of a seismic retrofit ordinance in West Hollywood, we heard discussion about a rating system for a building’s performance in the event of an earthquake. One such rating system is known as the United States