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Soft-story retrofit: The cost, concerns and construction - California is the golden state that enjoys beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and a bit of a seismic activity complex. Californians wake up all too often to read shocking headlines about earthquake swarms, mega-quakes and inevitable devastation.  Given the state’s seismic
Seismic Retrofitting isn’t just for Californians anymore-Portland Oregon starts the road to retrofitting. - As many southern and bay area Californians have recently experienced seismic retrofitting is a part of a new reality. Many structures that lack the support needed to withstand a major earthquake including both soft story and non-ductile concrete buildings are vulnerable to
A 3.7-magnitude earthquake strikes in Southern California - A 3.7-magnitude earthquake strikes in Southern California and launches a national conversation about the likelihood of a “big one” to follow. Scientists and Seismologists alike have been sharing their opinions and data for the last many years to support the
Earthquake Swarm - Have you ever heard of an earthquake swarm? According to the United States Geological Survey, an earthquake swarm is a series of minor earthquakes occurring in the same area and closely spaced in time, none of which can be defined
A Concrete-Cutting Globetrotter - Graff employee and recently appointed Account Manager Andreas Kuelz was recently featured in the May 2015 issue of Professional Demolition Americas. Kuelz joined Penhall in 2006 as a concrete cutter after previous experiences in Sweden and Germany. Prior to his