Meet our Team – Penhall Technologies

While our analysts work hard in the field for our customers, we have a dynamic behind the scenes team. Meet the dedicated service center team at Penhall Technologies!

 Meet our team - BennyBenny Bui – Division Administrator

Benny has been working at Penhall for three years and has recently joined our team. For his role, no two days are alike, every day is a new learning experience. He has been taking part in multiple projects that help our work process operate in an effective and efficient way. He enjoys working at Penhall because of the great relationship he has with his co-workers, and because he has the opportunity to learn and to help the company.


Cindy Luu– X-Ray Program Administrator

Before joining our team, Cindy worked at Penhall in the Safety and Claims department. She chose to work with our team because there are a lot of opportunities for growth. Her role is dynamic, with every day being an adventure. It ranges from reviewing x-ray operation requirements for various states to registering our equipment with the agencies and ordering equipment we need to operate. At the end of the day, she ensures that we’re doing our jobs compliantly, safely, and efficiently. Cindy is motivated by her team and she is inspired to come up with solutions that’ll benefit the company.


Essie Uribe – Digital Marketing Associate

Essie started working at Penhall in June 2017. She works on digital content that aims to inform our clients about the benefits of using GPR Services. The content consists of social media, blogs, updates on the website, and videos. She also assists our analysts with presentation materials and with any needs that the Marketing department has. She enjoys the creative aspect of her position. 



Barb HamelynckInside Sales Representative

Barb is the one answering the phone or the quote requests to schedule our services. She usually doesn’t have a typical day, and she is always open to answering our client’s questions and concerns. Barb started working at Penhall Technologies in June 2017, after hearing about our good reputation for years. She looks forward to keep working with our team and to keep contributing to our growth.



Han Tran – Marketing Specialist

Han started working for Penhall Technologies as a student in January 2017 to gain work experience. After graduating, she took a full time position because she liked the challenging work she did, and how she was able to learn something new every day and to be creative. In her position, Han works in initiatives that drive traffic to the website, runs competitive analysis, and identifies opportunities for growth in the digital work. She enjoys being in such a dynamic position –  new concepts today can easily become old tomorrow.

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